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Drop By Dragon*Con's Journal
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Sunday, August 14th, 2016
9:44 am
Going strong
Alive and well on Facebook!
Friday, March 25th, 2016
10:51 am
DropBy lives on!
If anyone sees this - DropByDragonCon is alive and well on FB.
We have other groups as well. A Dropby Fitbit group. a Tough mudder group. a PCOS group, and more.
I do miss LJ but the switch to FB had to happen.
If anyone still sees this let me know.
I can try and post here.
Saturday, April 4th, 2015
11:36 am
Checking for humans
I always wonder of we still have people on LJ.
So if you are here speak up.
The group on FB is going well.
Sometimes I miss LJ.
Wednesday, January 14th, 2015
12:31 pm
DragonCon si coming!
We are at 33 weeks from DCon!
That is 232 days away!
Make DragonCon 2015 the best one yet!
Tuesday, February 18th, 2014
9:41 am
8 years ago Today!
I just came over to find the original post where I said "Stronger Than The Cookie". That phrase really clicked with me and I have been using it for years. 7 years it seems!
Something caught my eye as I was coming on to DropBy's page -
DropByDragonCon was started 8 years ago TODAY!
How amazing and perfect is it that I come on to look up an old post on the day it was started!?
I say it is perfect.
Thursday, September 19th, 2013
6:15 am
Point 4 - Morning!
This is from a post I did earlier this week. I am covering 9 points to get all of us started or support our goals.
4) Exercise in the morning! Just get it over with so you have it done.
You will hear or read so many opinions about when is the best time to exercise. There is some data that supports morning, some that supports around lunch time, and even other data that says early evening.
Here is a detail we all must deal with - Humans get bogged down!
Our lives get hectic quickly so just get it done!
Here are my supporting points -
if you work out in the morning you are more likely to stick with it! WooHoo! This has been supported across the board. Why? Well the current idea put forth as to why morning exercise is more likely to stick as a habit is that you are not bogged done with the rest of the day. You are fresh and can fit this in before the crazy hectic day kicks in.
Okay, I do agree with this but I also think it is even more simple in reason.
*You are getting up early and giving up that extra sleep so hell Yes you are going to make it count!*
I like my sleep and am sure you all do as well.
So if I am committing to morning exercise I am going to make sure my sacrificed

Another good reason for morning exercise is that workout keeps burning calories all day.
Yet another - you feel great all day! Your mind is alert, even if it would have liked that extra sleep, and you are flat out smarter. Your brain loves am exercise. It really does.

I mentioned this already but it needs repeating - if you work out in the morning you are more likely to get it done. Trust me as soon as you say I will do it later is when that deadline pops up, the car decides to act up, or you are just so tired you decide to just do it tomorrow.
The do it tomorrow is what will sneak up you and knock you off your path to your new life.
I really like my sleep but guess when I will be exercising! I am sure you all will hear about my early mornings once I get started.
Wednesday, September 18th, 2013
7:44 am
Point 3
This is one of the points I mention in an earlier post. It is also posted here as are 1 and 2.

3) Spacing timed cardio for amazing results.
You are probably totally confused by this comment.
There have been some really interesting studies that have shown better results in weight loss and even in general health from doing this -
Exercise at a good pace full out cardio for 30 minutes.
Then take a break for 20 minutes. Read a book or dare I say it - Watch TV.
Then 30 more minutes of full out cardio.
Really push yourself! That does not mean stay at the HIGH heart rate the entire 30 minutes. Do peaks where you are really at the top of your cardio. Sweating and cussing range then drop it lower but keep going. Do this several times during the 30 minutes, both 30 minutes, and I suggest you use a tape measure to track results.

Part of the what is happening is your body has to start using the fuel it has at hand. It revs itself up and you are burning calories to fuel the workout and the after workout when your muscles are building. So your little 30 minutes of sweating and cussing pay of in hours of calories burned.
Then you rest for 20 minutes. The calories are still being used and your body settles in for that process when BAM!
You hit the 30 minutes of cardio again and guess what?
That nice little burn is no longer an easy use of calories within reach!
Your body has to go for the big storage and you have to burn more calories to do this second burn and even to access these stores.
There are two amazing side benefits form this type of workout (30-20-30)
1) The easiest stores are generally and sadly not the spots you lament every losing from. Ah! Not so fats with the sad please.
The areas that tend to get accessed are the fat areas surrounding your organs. This is really good! This fat around your organ is really bad.
Not in a OMG! I can't fit in these jeans bad!
It is Omg! My life expectancy is shortened bad!
Frankly I want these jeans to fit better but I think the longer life trumps jeans!

2) this second side benefit is sort of amazing.
When you do a workout and you stagger the highs and lows of intensity you challenge your body. You get better results in the muscle development.
AND! The big AND! You burn more calories! So basically if you do the 30 minutes with highs and lows of intensity. 20 minutes of rest. Then 30 more minutes of highs and lows of intensity you turn on a furnace that wants to keep going You muscle bundles are happier, your mitochondria are really happy because you actually are creating more of them! And you make it easier for your body to actually let go of stored fat for use in calorie exchange.
Slow down a minute and savour that detail.
By working out this way to burn more fat you are sort of giving your body the instructions to use stored fat and even opening the door to the fat vault!

Try it and let us now how it does for you.

And remember - change up what you do everyday so your body does not get used to it and slow the burn down.
Tuesday, September 17th, 2013
3:52 pm
The second point - Muscle
2) Building Muscle helps you in so many ways!
Not only does it make you stronger, it helps you stand better because you can carry your weight, you hurt less (YES!), and your weightloss is maximized.
There are 639 muscles in our body. In the last decade a coupe of new ones have been found on our faces.
There are three types of muscle - Smooth, Striated, and Cardiac.
The Striated is what is found in Skeletal muscles, and places like the tongue, and this is the muscle you really work on when you work out.
The Smooth and Cardic both benefit from us working out, you know your heart thanks you, but when we speak of weight lifting we are talking about Striated.
If you are not exercising, or even just moving, there are tiny bits of these muscle that die. That is when you realize you are less flexible or weaker then you were.
When you work out you generally work on the major muscles or major muscle groups. However, all the muscles need exercise so try new things and expand your exercise regime. Challenging your muscles and making them work in unfamiliar ways helps you a lot! This is a trick trainers use to help get clients over plateaus or in shape really quickly. I hope this link helps! It is a really good source to have when planning workouts.

3:33 pm
***One thing that has been proven to really help people meet their fitness goals is a journal. Tracking what you eat can help you see that there may be small bites all day that add up to way too many calories in.
***Another thing that will help is tracking your water intake. Even though we keep hearing how we really do not to drink 8 glasses daily in reality of you have excess fat you need a lot more than those 8 glasses of 8oz. There is a formula that tells us how much we need to drink daily. Take your weight and divide in two. That is how many ounces you need a day. I bet it is a lot more than any of us have been drinking! Make sure you eat well and keep you salt intake normalized. Too little salt is bad. and The more you exercise the more salt you lose.
***And another - have a plan of action in place. Set up what your daily goals, weekly goals, and even monthly goals. Getting exercise in early means even if something happens later and keeps you from exercising you already have had your workout. Like a pro!
***Planning can also help when you have events coming up that will test your desire for cake ( or other too fabulous temptation) over your need to get healthy.
Decide what you will eat and how you will avoid the temptation. Weddings, Birthdays, and The Holidays all fall into this trap of temptations.
You know how you will practice your surprise reaction when you know about a surprise party and do not want to let on that you knew. The Surprise Face!
You can practice your reaction to the table of goodness laid out like Wanka Land waiting for Augustus!
Decide what you want and do not have more. Send a friend or sweetie to get the items you want. Or just say no and get on the dance floor.
3:31 pm
9 things to help you in your goals
As a longtime DragonConner I have seen how many people can really use this group. It can be 10 pounds or 100 plus, just wanting to tighten up, or change your life in a big way! I know we can help each other and be that Geeky fabulous place where no one cares that you bum jiggles, that you have a lot of weight to lose, or that you have been chasing your goal for decades. f you have friends that could use a Con goer filled community to help reach one of these goals please share. I plan to post on all the DragonCon FBs again tomorrow. It is important to me to reach as many people as possible. There have been a few times at each DragonCon where I have just wanted to go tell someone they are not alone in the struggle. A few years ago there was a SuperGirl that I could tell was uncomfortable in the costume but she wore it and I made sure I told her how great she looked. She deserved to know because no matter how many times she tugged that costume down she was able to wear it!
10% of weight loss can make a huge difference!
If you really need to lose weight make that your first goal. So if you are 190 that is 19 pounds. 275 is 27.5 but 28 is a more fabulous number so let's use that as goal.
10% can get you off meds, stop damage to joints, and make you sleep more deeply. If you are heavy you know how much extra weight can hurt when you just have to carry it around all day.
The next time you are in a supermarket find something that weights 10 pounds and pick it up - then walk down the aisle carrying it!
Every time you lose an amount of weight that you can easily find in a supermarket go and walk that weight around for just a minute! You may get looks but the looks are worth feeling the difference in what is on your body wearing out your joints!
Here are a couple of things to help if weightloss is your goal - though they can help with the just getting into shape aspect as well.
1) Exercise is cumulative!
This means if you do 3 workouts that are each 10 mins. in the same day that is 30 mins! Really!
2) Building muscle helps burn calories even after your workout. Muscle is very active and burns much more calories than fat. It used to be believed that fat was totally inactive. We now know that is not really true. There is some cellular function that requires a tiny amount of caloric output but it is tiny. I am not talking about Brown Fat which is very active. You should look that up because it is interesting.
3) There has been an amazing finding that if you do 30 min. workout and then reat for 20 mins before doing 30 mins more you burn more calories. The data on this has been so interesting!
So 30 mins. of intense Cardio 20 min. read a book and drink some water 30 cardio.
4) Mornings are the best time to get in a workout if you want to make sure you get it in that day. Humans are odd. We plan, make goals, buy the exercise clothes, put out the workout shoes, and then get busy and miss our workout.
Just get it over with and do that every day. Any extra workout you get in after you have done the morning workout is just gravy on plan of your new body!
5) A 10pound weightloss is roughly a dress size smaller. This does vary person to person but keep it in mind. For you it may be 15 or even 20 per size. But read the next info and this might help with the whys.
6) That weight you lose at the beginning of a diet, weightloss plan, workout regime, is generally made up of mostly fluids you are retaining. We can retain a lot more than we think is possible. Some people carry 20 pounds of excess fluid! So that initial 10 pound weightloss is likely fluid and may be why you are not down a dress, or for the guys a pant, size as is mentioned in #5.
7) I have already posted about the water needs but her is a little detail that is very important - the more fat you have the more water is needed! So take your weight, be really honest with yourself, and half of it is your target for daily water.
Ex. 275pound person needs 1/2 of that weight in oz. of water.
So 275 needs 137.5 ( we will say 138) ounces of water.
There are 128 ounces in a gallon so you need a Gallon plus 10 ounces.
Walking is the best way to lose belly fat. Really! Walking seems to have some extra reaction with that area. Don't believe me? Get out the tape measure and record your waist measurements and plan to do this every two weeks. Then start walking! I mean WALKING! Not a stroll - sweat and move. Add hills as you can and add some distance. Then let me know what has changed measurement wise.
9) We all should be getting 10,000 steps a day. That means we should all be walking 10,000 steps a day everyday. This is right around 5 miles. Do it anyway you can but get those steps in! Start slowly. Maybe a slow 1/2 mile if you really have weight to lose or health issues. As you can add more time and get more steps in. Work toward that 5 mile a day mark and when you reach it push past it!

I know this was a very long post and I will probably break it down into one item a day over the next 9 days. The most important thing is move and remembering to track your food and exercise. Calories in and calories burned!
3:28 pm
Alive and well on Facebook. Will be setting up for posts to be here as well
This is a post I did a few days ago. I hope the link works.

I just posted this on the two DragonCon FB sites. If there is another place you think it should go please feel free to share. I would love to reach as many DragonConners as possible. There are so many people who need support and connection to help them reach there goals. I would love to be able to know at DragonCon 2014 that our members have lost the weight of a mini AT-AT. I am guessing it would weigh about a 1,000 pounds. How amazing would that be!?
DragonCon 2013 ended 14 days ago.
2 weeks ago you were all geared up about what costumes you were going to do for next DragonCon.
What panels you wanted to make next DragonCon.
How much weight you were going to start losing as soon as you got home...

So how is that going? Still plotting the costumes? Thinking of the panels?
Have you changed any old patterns to get your weight off?
Started an exercise regime to tighten up for that skintight costume?
We all have that post DragonCon energy that has us wanting to reach goals, but it only lasts so long. And there you are a few weeks until DragonCon

yet again, and you are so disappointed in yourself!
DragonCon 2014 is 347 days away.
That is just over 49 weeks away.
In 49 weeks you could finally be able to walk all over to see panels at all the hotels.
Actually walk through the dealers maze a lot more comfortably than this DragonCon. (Survive the chompers.)
You could use the stairs when the escalators are too crowded.
Sit comfortably on one seat when you always have taken up two.
If these feelings are familiar there is a group of people working to be healthier, stronger, thinner, or just tighter.
Make DragonCon 2014 the year!
DropByDragonCon is for all people who are Con goers and have health goals.
Wednesday, February 6th, 2013
1:42 pm
Wanted to say he. I am MightyBill. Along time D*C goer. Seen this tread before but desided to join now becues I started lossing weight last June and did use D*C as one of my goal dates.(also after meeting the cutie in the Drop By Dragon Con sash....how you doin :)).

This year my Dragon Con goal is...100 pounds total loss. I am at 56 pounds loss as I write this.

Thanks for reading :)
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
11:11 am
Let's get this party started!

And now that we have established our Geek Cred - it is time to get our asses in gear!
Robot Roll Call!
Who is going to be hot and in their all time desired costume at DragonCon 2013!?
I can't hear you!!!
Post your goals and make them real.
Remember we also have a Dropby on FB but I am getting this spot up and running again.
There will also be a Webpage.
If anyone has a suggestion on a faster way to post photos here please let me know. Photobucket is a pain!
Glad to be back and expecting to see all your goals as we work toward 2013 and a healthier us!
Wednesday, September 5th, 2012
4:04 pm
I don't know about the rest of you...
...but I'm ready to start losing weight for Dragon*con 2013!

Current Mood: excited
Friday, August 31st, 2012
1:17 am
Fri. 8:45 am
Tired! We have already had a busy day and so tomorrow morning at 8:45 in The Marriott near Starbucks I will be the Tired woman in the Clockwork Orange shirt. The shirt is orange-red and fabulous!
Have a great night/morning!
Monday, August 27th, 2012
5:21 pm
Meet up - time and place
Meet up - The Marriott in front of Starbucks on Friday morning. I think 8:45 might be perfect but will probably be there a bit early. I will wear my Clockwork Orange t-shirt in a bright red orange. I will make sure to put that in my phone! ;) M
1:25 pm
Ribbon #3 and Meet up
So meet up? Time and place.
Also, I am doing a ribbon, small batch, and will also bring some from last year of anyone wants one.
Would anyone be up for early Friday as I know a lot of us will be hitting the ground running.
If you are on FB and have not yet joined we have a group going - mostly supportive motivational photos but some posts.
How about Starbucks area in Marriott at 8:30am? Please throw out a time and place so we will work it out.
1:25 pm
Ribbon #3 and Meet up
So meet up? Time and place.
Also, I am doing a ribbon, small batch, and will also bring some from last year of anyone wants one.
Would anyone be up for early Friday as I know a lot of us will be hitting the ground running.
If you are on FB and have not yet joined we have a group going - mostly supportive motivational photos but some posts.
How about Starbucks area in Marriott at 8:30am? Please throw out a time an dokace and we will work it out.
Sunday, August 26th, 2012
8:45 am
meet up...?
Are we having a meet-up this year...? I know the schedule is pretty hectic this year, but would be nice to see/meet everyone...
Monday, August 20th, 2012
4:18 pm
looked back at last year...
I took a look at my stats for the last year...I mistakenly thought that I was much lighter for dragoncon than I was...that is both good and bad...my low was right before the holidays...I am actually almost right on for my DC weight last year, but a good ten+ from my low...makes me both sad and happy...my corset may fit after all...:)

see you all soon...
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